Leding the future

In today´s world, worries arise for our future environment, future energy supply as well as deteriorated economy. We can truly say that future’s light recourses, the LED illumination which is part of the solution of the problem mentioned above is already here.

  • Very low energy consumption means low Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Contains no environmentally hazardous mercury
  • Very long lifespan
  • Long lifespan and high operation safety which results in low maintenance costs
  • For outdoor illumination, better enlightened environment leads to safer environment

ELEDE is an established company on the Swedish lighting market, with our own production and development we are able to offer a wide range of LED products which are already installed in our different markets. Read about ELEDE’s environment work.


New spot light released

Contact your reseller or call us at ELEDE for more information about our new LED spot light… see attached product sheet. ELEDE LED Spot light MR16

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Gate Report Environment

Interview (In Swedish) with Green Savings AB (ELEDE AB) “It will probably not be long before most of all lighting is LED-lighting” Magazine Gate Report #04/11

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EU fasar ut glödlamporna

Nu fasas glödlamporna ut inom EU och el-besparingen blir 2 TWh, eller 10 procent av användningen av hushållsel i Sverige. Inom hela EU är besparingen cirka 40 TWh. Det är resultatet av ekodesignkommitténs beslut i Bryssel på måndagen. Fullt genomfört kommer åtgärden att halvera användningen av el för hembelysning i Sverige. Reflektorlampor omfattas däremot inte.

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